Before we begin the online booking process, you will need the following information on hand: - The house address and zip code
- Your agent's Email and phone number -The square footage of the home Once you have completed the online booking process, you will receive an email with a contract that you can digitally sign on your computer, or you can sign and return at the time of the inspection. Please remember, the contract must be signed before the inspection begins.

Once we receive your online booking, we will create and email an invoice to the email address you provide.


You will have the opportunity to pay the invoice electronically with a debit or credit card.  You may may also pay the inspector by check at the time of the inspection, but please remember that payment is due at the time of inspection.


If you will not be attending the inspection, please make your payment  in advance.


If you would like to book your inspection by phone, please call 615 -957 -4125

Nashville Home Inspection Inspector, Murfreesboro Home Inspection Inspector
Nashville Home Inspector Inspection or John Wilkinson @ 615-957-4125